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MTree Capital Partners

MTree Capital Partners is a service provider to the investment management industry. It is formally launched in the summer of 2013 and provides 2 lines of business services. All activities are designed to ultimately contribute to a central vision on the investment management industry’s core value proposition.

MTree Capital Partners believes that a number of structural trends are affecting how the industry will deliver against its core value proposition. It is exactly the recognition and understanding of these trends that are driving the detailed choices made by MTree Capital Partners throughout all of its 2 types of services.

MTree Capital Partners
Owen Thiers

T: + 32 9 329 7464
M: + 32 468 171420

2 Types of services

  • Third party institutional distribution services on behalf of boutique investment management organisations.
  • Management consulting services for investment management organisations specifically, and the wider financial services sector more broadly.

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